Student Spotlight: Haijing Quan

November 24, 2020
"Remote learning has been a good experience overall," said Haijing Quan of Shandong University of Technology in China.

Adventure of a Lifetime across the Golden Gate Bridge

June 11, 2019

“I just wanted to cross the Golden Gate Bridge by bike,” said student Ryotaro Sakaguchi. “My friend told me one could cross it by bike, so this is why I chose to do it.”

Using Art as Expression with English Language Learners

March 27, 2019

Walking through halls of the International Center, you can’t miss the beautiful collection of photographs, sketches and needlework that appear on the 2nd Floor. If you look closely, names and locations are listed on each piece. This collection is the result of ESL Instructor Elizabeth Morrison’s efforts to brighten the hallways in a way that engages and recognizes her students.