Immerse Yourself in American Culture

UC Davis' Communication and Culture Program (CCP) offers comprehensive, high-quality instruction to help students improve their English conversational fluency and learn more about American culture. Our academic expertise, professional instructors and beautiful California campus make this an enriching, transformational educational experience that allows students to achieve their personal and academic goals. 

Program Benefits

Create a Custom Group Program

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This intensive learning experience is ideal for international undergraduate and graduate students, along with international professionals, who want to improve their English-language skills. The educational and professional focus of the program provides long-term value that will increase academic and employment opportunities.

  • Gain confidence and skills in English speaking and listening
  • Strengthen pronunciation and verbal presentation skills
  • Learn more about American culture and customs
  • Practice American English natural speech patterns and idioms

Program Details

This four-week program, held in our new state-of-the-art International Center, is offered twice a year (summer and winter/spring) and includes 16 hours of instruction per week and other extracurricular cultural and social activities. The program is open to students of all English-speaking levels who want an intensive learning experience within a short time frame. Students are grouped based on their level of proficiency to ensure the best possible learning experience.

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Small class size (about 15-20 students) for high interaction among instructors and students
  • Technology-driven classrooms, including a multimedia learning center
  • UC Davis students as conversation partners both in- and out-of-class
  • Daily recreational, cultural and social activities with UC Davis student leaders
  • Optional trips to Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Napa Valley and Los Angeles
  • No F-1 Visa required

two male students studying at table

Rigorous, Engaging Curriculum

Core classes are designed to quickly build English fluency and immerse students in American culture. Advanced students may also choose one elective, including Academic Preparation Skills, Business Communication Skills and Critical Thinking. Core courses include: 

Everyday Expressions and Idioms

  • Learn expressions used by Americans
  • Discuss the cultural context of American expressions and idioms, and gain a deeper understanding of American culture by improving knowledge of informal speech patterns of Americans
  • Discuss relevant grammar points as needed

U.S. Society and Culture

  • Increase your knowledge of American values and attitudes, institutions, history and culture through readings, discussion, exposure to a variety of media and journal writing
  • Build a foundation of specific vocabulary in order to actively participate in discussions
  • Better understand American culture as well as other students’ cultures

Intercultural Research Project

  • Develop questions to research a topic of cultural interest
  • Gather information by interviewing native English speakers on and off campus
  • Analyze and organize project information
  • Prepare, practice and give a poster presentation

Listening and Pronunciation

  • Hear and pronounce problematic vowels and consonants in English
  • Identify syllable stress in individual words
  • Understand a natural flow of syllables in words and phrases
  • Learn to follow English sentence stress and timing (rhythm, intonation and words which should have more stress)
  • Understand common reductions in spoken English
  • Learn common academic idioms

Participants must have a high-school diploma or be at least 18 years old to enroll in this program.