Academic Preparation and Pathway Programs

Experience What UC Davis Can Offer

Working closely with our valued international university and organizational partners, our cohort-based program, Destination Davis, focuses on academic and linguistic preparation, as well as global competency development. Partners can design a program specific to their students’ needs, choosing from a range of content from STEM to humanities. Qualified students can also enjoy an opportunity to take UC Davis academic courses through Open Campus as part of their program. Our approach is holistic, blending traditional education and contextual language learning – the social, cultural and applied learning that happens outside the classroom – to create a deeper, transformational academic experience. 

Our short-term content-based programs offer both onsite and remote learning for international students through updated, stimulating curricula. Whether you choose onsite or online programs for your students, they will be able to experience what a top-tier public university can offer. As our partner, we can also work with you to develop custom programs and curricula to reflect the needs and schedules of your students, including ESL (English as a Second Language), ESP (English for Specific Purposes), EAP (English for Academic Purposes), Faculty Development, Staff Development and Teacher Training.

Preparation for Global Learners

The need to educate, upskill and build new learning modalities and opportunities has never been clearer. Our cohort-based, holistic model offers partners and students:

  • Customized Education – Curricula and schedules are developed in collaboration with partners to address the unique needs of their group
  • Emphasis on Global Competencies – From site visits to partnering with domestic students, our programs develop critical thinking, strengthen interpersonal communication skills and promote cultural awareness
  • Contextual Language Learning – Learner engagement and participation in various extracurricular activities, give students meaningful, outcome-oriented opportunities to “learn by doing” in an English-immersion environment
  • Enhanced Instructor Interaction – Our classes are designed to maximize interaction and help students achieve their fullest potential on standardized language proficiency tests
  • World-Class Education — UC Davis is one of the world’s premier research universities, known for its experienced instructors, modern facilities and a diverse, welcoming student body

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