Destination Davis-Academic Preparation for Student Groups

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Innovative Programs Exclusively for Partner Universities and Organizations

The Destination Davis Program provides our current and prospective partner universities and educational partners with high-quality academic preparation designed to meet the needs of  international student groups from high school to graduate levels. We work with you to design programs that suit your students’ learning needs and your unique schedule. Our diverse portfolio of course offerings gives you the flexibility to build a program that is highly attractive to your students. Qualified students also have the opportunity to enroll in UC Davis classes that complement their academic goals and program design.

Holistic, Experiential Learning for Your Students 

Destination Davis gives your students a unique opportunity to gain a strong academic foundation, build language skills and enjoy an enriching cultural and learning experience. Students will:

  • Cultivate a learning mindset that fosters global competencies that prepare them to study and work in intercultural settings
  • Gain a high level of peer interaction, including regular interaction with UC Davis student ambassadors
  • Establish personalized learning strategies 
  • Benefit from a content-based, experiential learning approach to all lessons
  • Utilize a critical-thinking approach that encourages multifaceted analysis of global and local issues and topics
  • Develop effective written and spoken communication skills for personal and academic discourse 

Destination Davis Tracks

The Destination Davis Program meets the needs of a wide range of learner groups and can be structured with three main tracks. The first step in designing the program of your choice is to choose a track below.