Entrepreneurship and International Business (4 weeks)

Innovation and Design Thinking for a Globalized World

Our world has become increasingly more interconnected, and so have the economic and social challenges that we face as a global community. Designed for international undergraduate students interested in entrepreneurship, this course focuses on analyzing current issues affecting our society and finding creative solutions through design thinking. To further enhance students’ global awareness and understanding of the global market, students will compare and contrast U.S. and other cultures. They will also examine the critical role that entrepreneurship plays in driving the international economy forward, while building English-language fluency and developing essential soft skills for the business world such as teamwork and leadership.

Program Benefits

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In this engaging and dynamic program, students will develop critical and analytical thinking skills to apply to complex business problems and improve intercultural communication skills to promote ethics and succeed in an international business environment. Located at the crossroads of three (San Francisco, San Jose/Silicon Valley, and Sacramento) tech hubs in the United States, Davis is a center for innovation and entrepreneurship. Plus, the educational and professional focus of the program provides long-term value that will increase students’ academic and employment opportunities. 

  • Access to a world-class university known for its innovative research in areas of energy, bio-tech and bio-medical fields
  • Understanding of hot topics in international business 
  • Collaboration, leadership, problem solving and creative thinking skills 
  • Connections to UC Davis faculty, industry experts and entrepreneurs from sustainability and high-tech industries
  • Increased ability to think critically and analytically about business cases and readings
  • Networking with students and faculty

Program Details

This four-week program, held in our state-of-the-art International Center, includes 16 hours of instruction per week and other extracurricular cultural and social activities that include workshops, site visits and guest presentations. Students are grouped based on their level of proficiency to ensure the best possible learning experience.

  • Visits to local companies and presentations from entrepreneurial experts
  • Small class size (about 15-20 students) for high interaction among instructors and students
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Technology-driven classrooms, including a multimedia learning center
  • Daily recreational, cultural and social activities with UC Davis student leaders
  • Optional weekend trips include Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • No F-1 Visa required
business man in building

Rigorous, Engaging Curriculum

Program curriculum, along with weekly presentations from guest speakers and site visits* to local companies, allow students to communicate directly with experts. Students also practice English once a week in class with UC Davis conversation leaders. The core classes meet four days a week for 50 minutes: 

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Learn about the initial phase of research and development, followed by beta testing
  • Gain skills to analyze business and market trends, data and reports
  • Evaluate various business situations
  • Discuss recommended courses of action
  • Engage in role-play to stimulate practical learning
  • Consider flexibility in searching for a career

Problem Solving through Design Thinking

  • Tackle complex problems by framing the issue through soft skills
  • Understand a non-linear design-thinking approach
  • Nurture teamwork and leadership through an interactive process
  • Identify creative solutions that cater to human needs

Intercultural Research Project

  • Learn to make effective oral and visual presentations in English
  • Design and conduct effective research interviews
  • Collect, organize and analyze data
  • Enhance collaborative and leadership skills

Hot Topics in International Business

  • Improve critical thinking and analytical skills by reading articles, watching talks and engaging in guided discussions on international business themes
  • Understand transnational and cross-cultural management issues
  • Learn current approaches to innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship that are changing the future of the business world

Weekly Site Visit or Guest Presentation

  • Enhance knowledge of innovation and sustainability in business practices and entrepreneurship through presentations, workshops and/or site visits to local companies
  • Communicate directly with experts and professionals

Participants must have a high-school diploma or be at least 18 years old to enroll in this program.

*Site visits are subject to change.