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UC Davis Launches New Online Program for Managing Multinational Teams

Quick Summary

  • New online program for international professionals managing diverse teams
  • Features interviews with successful global leaders and offers skills for becoming a more effective leader
  • Available on Coursera, 100% online, flexible schedule

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's newest online specialization, Management of Multinational and Cross-Cultural Teams, is now available on Coursera, the world’s leading massive open online course platform. Designed for international professionals who manage diverse teams, the four-course series provides essential skills for becoming a more effective leader in a global world.

International Programs at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education played a key role in developing the program, from conceptualization to identifying instructors and working with them to build the courses. “This program brings to the forefront stellar instructors who have decades of insight and wisdom to share,” said Jake Hosier, director of Access Programs at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. “The workplace is becoming increasingly global, and our program gives managers the knowledge and confidence to excel in that environment,” added Hosier.

Led by management consultants Cleveland Justis and Daniel Student, the program features interviews with international professionals in a wide variety of industries who are experts at leading and advising cross-cultural teams. This exciting collaboration offers a rich platform for sharing best practices, research and tools from successful global leaders.

Learning to successfully manage multinational teams is key to succeeding in a globalized world, especially as multinational and cross-cultural teams become more common in the post pandemic era of remote work. “Working well in a multinational environment is very challenging and requires specialized skills that people normally acquire from spending extensive time abroad, which is exactly what a whole crop of people missed out on over the last few years,” said Hosier. “The courses in this specialization help address some of those deficiencies.”

Over the next few years, UC Davis International Programs plans to develop more multinational-focused courses on Coursera and other remote courses to meet the needs of partners and learners worldwide.

Management of Multinational and Cross-Cultural Teams is 100% online. The program features a flexible schedule and can be completed in approximately four months with three hours of work per week. Enroll anytime.

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