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Meet Lisa Whitaker, Your Housing Coordinator and Student Experience Advisor

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that benefits a student’s academic, professional and personal life. By studying abroad, students can learn or perfect a new language, experience a new culture and engage in unique learning opportunities that expand their horizon. From youth and college-aged students to adult learners, studying abroad can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience for students and their guardians. Lisa Whitaker, the housing coordinator and student life experience advisor for International Programs at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, can help.

Lisa has spent the last 11 of her 24 years at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education developing ways to support the success of international students. Her goal is to ensure that their studies are enriching and their life at UC Davis is as enjoyable as possible. “I can only think of what I would want for my own child if sent to a foreign land for studies,” said Lisa.

No matter what, if it relates to the student experience, Lisa is here to help. “I am available to hear them and assist in resolving any issue that arises, because a stable and secure daily life helps students feel confident and ready to focus on their studies.” 


If you have questions regarding housing or student life at UC Davis, contact Lisa Whitaker at ciehousing@ucdavis.edu.

Whether it be issues related to housing, medical insurance or transportation, Lisa can work with students, guardians or their institution to answer questions. Prior to arrival, she can help students locate housing and provide information on when and where to begin searching for rentals. She can assist with choosing a homestay provider, communicating with providers, meeting host families in Davis and navigating COVID-19 concerns while in homestay. Lisa is also available to help students on campus with medical services, daily commute transportation, weekend transportation, bike rentals or difficulties focusing on studies. 

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