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Get to Know UC Davis – Student Farm

The UC Davis Student Farm is part of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, and this 23-acre space is dedicated to the creation and exploration of sustainable food systems. At the farm, students learn from educators and volunteers about the process of growing food in a way that has minimal negative impacts on the land. Within the farm, students can choose to participate in a diverse array of programs:

  • Market Garden
  • Ecological Garden and Flower Project
  • Community Table Project
  • Kids in the Garden
  • The Student Collaborative Organic Plant Breeding Education (SCOPE)
  • Pollinator Project


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Student volunteers at the Student Farm


Students can volunteer at the Student Farm, participating in various programs and there is no required minimum time commitment for volunteer work. This is a great opportunity if you are interested in learning about renewable agriculture practices and, if you already have experience in this field, to teach other students about ways to grow food in a sustainable way.


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Student volunteers on a vehicle transporting fresh vegetables


The Student Farm grows more than fruits and veggies. Need flowers to decorate your room or gift to a special someone? The farm sells flowers that are grown sustainably, as well as a membership service that brings you a new bouquet every week! But that’s not the only service they offer. If you’re interested in receiving weekly fresh fruits and vegetables, you can subscribe for to the Student Harvest Produce CSA for $23.50 weekly.


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Location of the UC Davis Student Farm:

Location of the student farm


If you have any questions about the Student Farm, you can contact them through email at

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