Students on campus riding their bicycles

Bike Safety Tips

Being nicknamed “Bike Capital USA” means that Davis is filled with thousands of new students and bicycles every year. Unfortunately, that also makes it a target for bicycle theft. Hundreds of bicycles are stolen around campus and the city of Davis and it is important to take precautions in order to avoid these incidents. A few key tips to decrease your chances of having your bicycle stolen are listed below:

  • Always lock your bike to a visible bike rack or pod.
  • U-shaped high security locks are among the most theft-resistant locks available. Be aware, however, that they are easily defeated by knowledgeable thieves.
  • Quick-release wheels and seats can be secured with a cable, chain, or other security devices available at bike shops.
  • New, expensive-looking bicycles attract thieves because of their high monetary value. Opt for buying or renting a cheaper looking bike! Bicycle auctions are held on campus every year in Fall.

If a bicycle is your only means of transportation around town, it is important to take good care of it! While nobody is immune from being a victim of theft, following these tips will significantly avoid your chances of being a bike theft victim.

Source: UC Davis Bicycle Education & Advice

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