Questions about Destination Davis?

Here are some frequently asked questions related to our Destination Davis Program.

Program Overview

  • What is Destination Davis?
  • The Destination Davis program consists of two tracks and provides international students with academic and linguistic preparation and American culture immersion to succeed in undergraduate education. The two distinct tracks are designed to meet the needs and goals of a variety of students.
  • What is the difference between the two Destination Davis tracks?
  • The Community College Pathway track is a one-quarter program that provides academic and linguistic support for international students who wish to complete credits at a California community college before transferring to an undergraduate degree program at the University of California.

    The Academic Engagement track is designed to enhance students’ English skills and build a strong academic foundation, before moving on to the Community College Pathway or going back to their home universities to complete their undergraduate education. The Academic Engagement track provides international students with a broad and enriching learning opportunity to experience U.S. culture and improve their academic and English skills through a range of core academic prep classes and a variety of elective courses. The Academic Engagement track consists of two five-week sessions per quarter. Students can participate in as many five-week sessions as necessary and generally spend anywhere from one quarter to one academic year in the track.
  • Who is Destination Davis designed for?
  • Destination Davis is designed for international high school students who want to study at a four-year U.S. university but need to improve their academic and English-language skills first or university students who wish to improve their academic and English skills while experiencing American culture.
  • What is a pathway program?
  • Pathway programs are designed to help international students meet the qualifications to enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in the United States.
  • Is Destination Davis considered a pathway program?
  • Yes, it is!  Destination Davis is designed to help international students improve their academic and English skills for undergraduate education in the U.S.
  • Is admission to a U.S. university guaranteed through the Community College Pathway track?
  • Nothing is guaranteed; however, our Community College Pathway track is designed to transfer back to a University of California campus (or another four-year university) by following a step-by-step process. Prospective students would spend one quarter studying at UC Davis first, then transfer to one of our partner community colleges and spend approximately two years there, and transfer back to a UC campus as juniors using a TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) mechanism. So far, all our Community College Pathway students have successfully transferred to UC campuses.
  • Can Destination Davis students transfer to any U.S. university?
  • Students in our Community College Pathway track can choose from six partner community colleges to complete their academic preparatory program, including Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, Los Medanos College, Ohlone College, Sana Rosa Junior College and Shasta College. Upon Successful completion of program requirements, students can transfer to any University of California campus or another four-year university of their choosing.

Program Logistics

  • What are the Destination Davis requirements?
  • The Academic Engagement track requires prospective students to possess at least English proficiency of iBT 40, TOEIC 420, or IELTS 5. The Community College Pathway track also requires prospective students to possess the English proficiency when admitted, and they need to pass all courses with a B or better upon completing the program before transferring to our partner community colleges. Those students who need to improve English skills first could enroll in the Academic Engagement track until they become ready. No high school GPAs are required, but all students must be at least 18 years old upon transferring to our partner community colleges.
  • Can students in a Destination Davis group enter the U.S. as F-1 student visa holders?
  • Yes, an I-20 can be issued for programs that reach the minimum number of weekly hours (18) to constitute full-time study. I-20s can be issued for the duration of the program model. Learn more about visas.
  • What are the dates and duration of the programs?
  • In general, programs run based on the UC Davis academic calendar. However, partners could request dates that work as a custom program.
  • How many hours per week will students be in class?
  • In most cases, programs will be 18 to 22 hours per week of in-class instruction based on the program design.
  • Is there a minimum number of students needed for a custom Destination Davis program?
  • A custom Destination Davis program requires a minimum of 12 students in most cases. In some cases, smaller groups may be integrated to other groups, so please contact us for groups of any size.
  • Will the students in my group be in class together with students from other groups/countries?
  • Destination Davis is offered throughout the year with predetermined program dates. Each quarter consists of two five-week sessions. Groups are encouraged to start at the beginning of any five-week session. This allows for more cross-cultural sharing and exchange. In addition, Destination Davis has a larger number of UC Davis student ambassadors who are integrated into programs, providing opportunities for language practice and exchange.
  • Will students be attending classes with American students?
  • Yes, those students who are qualified could take some regular UC Davis undergraduate courses through Open Campus.
  • Is there a minimum age for program participants?
  • In general, Destination Davis programs are for students who are completing or have completed high school. For younger students we offer Youth Programs.
  • Can I include extra excursions or activities into a program set up?
  • Yes, Destination Davis can provide a list of exciting local destinations for site visits and local excursions as part of the program with additional expenses.
  • Can assistance be provided for airport transportation?
  • Yes, we can provide assistance with airport pickup from local airports as part of the program set up for a group of 10 students or more. For less than 10 students, we may recommend arranging local airport shuttle service. Please contact us for more information.
  • Is housing available for program participants?
  • During the summer term, campus housing is available and our housing coordinator can help secure space for your group members. Campus housing is not available during the terms of the academic year (fall, winter and spring). During the academic year, most Destination Davis students choose to live with homestay families in the area. Learn more about housing options.
  • How do students apply for the Destination Davis program?
  • Interested applicants can contact us by email at