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Examples of our Programs

Custom programs can be delivered on the UC Davis campus (in our outstanding new International Center facility), abroad, online or in a combination of formats. We have produced a wide variety of custom-designed academic and cultural programs. From professional skills to academic achievement to English-language and U.S. culture, our programs and curricula reflect the needs of your students. A few examples of the kinds of programs we’ve developed for clients include:

  • Pre-Academic Preparation Programs
  • Designed specifically for international scholars attending U.S. universities, these programs enable students from around the world to successfully pursue their academic interests at UC Davis and at universities throughout the United States.
    Examples of these programs include:
         • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program Pre-Academic Orientations
         • Fulbright Preparation Programs
         • Fulbright English for Graduate Studies programs
  • Discipline-Specific Academic/Professional
  • These career-enhancing programs provide students with access to the extraordinary resources of the University of California, Davis, one of the world’s top-research universities.
    Examples of discipline-specific programs we’ve created include:
         • Agricultural programs taught by faculty from UC Davis, the world’s leading agricultural university and an innovator in winemaking, brewing and farm/food production
         • Programs for Global Education (TEFL, Teaching Pedagogy for Science Educators and other custom programs that combine innovative instruction, local school visits and supervised teaching opportunities for international students)
         • Research and Academic Culture programs designed to provide students with exposure to various research fields at UC Davis and improve their ability to succeed as a research scientist in the future
  • English-Language Programs
  • Intensive English-language programs give international students the skills they need to succeed in their academic and professional endeavors.
    Examples of the English-language programs we’ve created include:
         • English for Science and Technology
         • iBT, GRE and TOEIC Test Preparation
         • Accent Improvement
         • Interdisciplinary Research Projects
         • Industry-specific English programs for medical, legal and business professionals

  • Youth Programs
  • These unique programs are designed to connect pre-college international students (ages 12-17) with a memorable cultural and academic experience at UC Davis.
    Examples of the youth programs we’ve created include:
         • Science and STEM Programs
         • Team Building and Leadership Program
         • U.S. College Preparation and Study Skills Program
         • English and Culture Program
  • Custom Online Programs and Distance Education
  • UC Davis' Division of Continuing and Professional Education is a pioneer in online learning and has developed a strong distance education portfolio. In collaboration, we can design hybrid programs that blend online curriculum with traditional on-site instruction.
    Examples of the kinds of programs we’ve created include:
         • Information Technology
         • Teacher Training and Education
         • Agriculture and Viticulture
         • Human Resources
         • Business and Leadership
         • English Composition

Partners and Clients

We have created customized international education programs for some of the world’s most prestigious and influential international universities and educational organizations, including:

  • Leading International Universities
  •      • Waseda University
         • Zhejiang University
         • Kyushu University
         • Xicheng Schools, Beijing
  • Prestigious Government Organizations
  •      • American Councils for International Education (ACTR-ACCELS)
         • COLFUTURO
         • Institute for International Education (IIE)
         • Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MeXT)
         • American International Education Foundation
         • Ministry of Education, Argentina
         • Ministry of Education, Chile
         • Ministry of Education, Colombia
         • Ministry of Education, Egypt
         • Ministry of Education, Korea
         • Ministry of Education, Taiwan
         • Department of State, U.S.A.
  • Respected Educational Partners
  •      • Fulbright Commission
         • SABIC