Customized Programs for Educators

Leading Educational Reform

Drawing on exceptional leaders and teacher-trainers, the outstanding resources of the University of California, Davis, and networks of local and regional schools and governmental organizations, the international programs at UC Davis’ Division of Continuing and Professional Education develop customized programs for educators looking for new ways to innovate, inspire and lead educational reform.

As the world continues to globalize, the need to evolve and implement new ways of teaching and learning in our profession is critical. We have hosted educators from several countries, many funded by various Ministries of Education.

Our Core Value

We believe learning is best facilitated and maintained when applied to personal experiences and career positions. Reflections and writing assignments within programs are designed to help participants internalize what they learn, so they can apply it immediately upon returning to their home classrooms.

Most Frequent Program Areas

  • U.S. University Admissions Advising: Developed for international advisers working with students seeking admission to American universities

  • Leadership for School and District Administrators: Based on established standards, best practices and emerging trends for educational leadership
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): Custom programs to develop and enhance teacher competencies specific to TEFL

group of students

Program Examples

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Program

(10 weeks/220 hours)

Developed for individual groups to serve unique training needs, this integrated, practical program is delivered in English to equip current teachers with substantive improvement in their English language proficiency, up-to-date knowledge of TEFL, innovative teaching methodology for EFL and contemporary best practices in educational reform and leadership with direct insights based on positive social, cultural and professional experiences in the United States.
These building blocks lead to an intangible, transformative experience for participants. Typical program goals include:

  • Expanding knowledge and use of principles and practices in teaching English language skills and communication
  • Learning to effectively manage classrooms
  • Developing English language skills while using public-school curriculum
  • Strengthening teacher language and communications skills in English
  • Building knowledge of best practices, curriculum, materials and assessment within the TEFL field

Participants will also explore the most recent instructional materials developments.

U.S. University Admissions Advising 

(two to four weeks/20 hours per week)

Examine in-depth how American universities select international students, and what applicants need to do to gain admission. Explore U.S. public and private university systems and develop the knowledge, skills and resources needed to successfully advise qualified applicants as they seek admission. Typically a two- to four-week seminar for 15-25 participants, this program includes direct instruction, guest speakers, panelists and frequent site visits to select universities and colleges.

Participants learn the processes required for researching and submitting successful applications to a post‐secondary institution, including: college admissions procedures; in-depth study of California colleges; a broad overview of national universities; how to interpret rankings and develop strategies for matching students with colleges supporting their specific interests and needs. Participants analyze sample student statements and learn to guide students in writing competitive applications. Complementing most programs are several site visits/day trips to universities in Northern California, typically including Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, a state university and a community college.

Leadership for School and District Administrators 

 (two to three weeks/30-60 hours)

Developed to assist in the transition from manager to 21st century leader, this program provides a broad picture of the American public education system and a thorough understanding of the role leaders play in supporting schools and ensuring continuous improvement in achievement. Often paired with school observations and direct discussion with educational support organizations, typical program components include: 

  • Educational Leadership in American Schools, which sets a foundation by surveying American public education, examining the role of educational leaders and presenting best practices in building school culture and success.
  • A thematic component in which each cohort works with the UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education’s staff to select two themes of particular interest or comprehensive, specialized instruction. Common topics include educational reform, 21st century skills, professional communication and collaboration, engaging parents, articulation and supporting college for a broad range of students.