Communication and Culture Program Student Reviews

Basil Masri ZadaBasil Masri Zada, Communication and Culture Program, Fulbright Scholar, Syria

"This program was offered to me as part of the Fulbright program. Here, I made friends from around the world and gained a better perspective of American culture. I improved my English and am prepared now for my work at Ohio University. When I arrived in Davis, I thought 'Oh, it's a small city!' But it's an artistic, eco-friendly city built for bikes!"



Sermet Sahaner
Sermet Sahaner, Communication and Culture Program, Turkey

"I'm an aeronautical engineer and a pilot from Turkey, and succeeded in gaining acceptance to a master's program at CalTech with the help of Fulbright. However, I decided to first take the four-week Communication and Culture program at UC Davis. The four weeks passed so fast, like a dream. I made a great decision by choosing UC Davis. Now I'm going to my university town more relaxed, comfortable and with improved English. Davis is lovely, the teachers and others are friendly and the university is awesome. Thank you very much for this great experience."



Khadija AbdousKhadija Abdous, Communication and Culture Program, Fulbright Scholar, Morocco

"This was my first time in California! I had never been to the West Coast, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to visit this unknown part of the United States. I decided to take part in the pre-academic program for Fulbright students. I am used to big cities, and to tell the truth, it took me time to appreciate the greatness of Davis. Yet, after a while, I fell in love with the city: its charming quietness, people's kindness and biking everywhere—things you don't find in big cities! The UC Davis campus is just one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen."



Matteo Scaltriti
Matteo Scaltriti, Communication and Culture Program, Italy

"My mother often told me she used to pick tomatoes when she was young before her summer vacation. Well, I came all the way from Italy to California to do the same and make her proud. I picked tomatoes and basil working at the Student Farm in the mornings, improving my English skills in the afternoons. I visited the new Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science on the UC Davis campus, where I formed important contacts for my future career in enology. I have had a unique and unforgettable experience working and studying with wonderful people."


Prosper Zongo, Communication and Culture Program, Burkina Faso

"I am a Fulbright scholar from Burkina Faso, and I took a four-week Communication and Culture Program. I am grateful to the people of this town who helped make my stay a wonderful experience. Contrary to what I believed before coming, people are really nice, welcoming and eager to help foreigners. I really enjoyed my stay in Davis and at UC Davis. The different teachers have wonderful ways of teaching. For instance, dividing the students in small groups, allowing them to ask questions, asking for feedback. As for the staff, contrary to some countries where you are afraid to knock at the door of a staff member, here at UC Davis they are really nice and are always helpful and do their best to make students happy. I am now in South Dakota where I will be staying for two years, but I am planning to come back to Davis during the holidays."

Hugo Alfredo Taracena Pinzón, Communication and Culture Program, Fulbright Scholar, Guatemala

"UC Davis is awesome! Life in Davis has been amazing. I am still impressed with myself that I was able to use a bicycle for transportation. The classes and teachers are fabulous. I have learned many things that I will be able to apply once I start my master's degree."