Interdisciplinary STEM Program for Youth

Through remote-instruction, students will learn about entrepreneurship—one of the most powerful driving forces in the U.S. economy—and explore the significant roles that scientists and engineers play in the world of global business. Students will develop key skills necessary for success in college, including critical thinking and analytical skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills. There will also be two special presentations that help students learn how to choose a major in college and how to succeed in their future undergraduate studies.

  • Enhance understanding of the power of ideas in science and technology that are changing people’s lives and the world
  • Gain awareness of current issues in applied science and technology
  • Improve English comprehension by reading articles, listening to lectures, watching audiovisual programs and discussing current research
  • Develop technical English vocabulary
  • Improve discussion skills
  • Expand knowledge about majors in future study

Program Details

This two-week remote learning program is offered each summer and includes 37.6 hours of synchronous instruction plus 32 hours of asynchronous work.* The program is open to high school students with an English level of CEFR A-2 or above. *1 hour=50 minutes

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • No F-1 Visa required
  • Synchronous instruction via Zoom
  • Asynchronous instruction via the Canvas Learning Management System
  • UC Davis students as discussion leaders and conversation partners
  • Live daily lectures and discussion seminars

Engaging Curriculum

This program is designed to improve students’ linguistic skills, encourage participation in class discussions and understand the importance of STEM and entrepreneurship in the global economy. Students will engage in homework, assignments and discussion sessions through Canvas and are expected to spend one hour per class day on homework. View a sample schedule.

  • Hot Topics in STEM (400 minutes/synchronous)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (800 minutes/synchronous)
  • Listening Comprehension & Pronunciation (400 minutes/synchronous)
  • 2 Special Presentations (180 minutes/synchronous)
  • 2 Conversation Clubs (100 minutes/synchronous)
Course Code