I-STEM Student Reviews


“I learned how to speak more smoothly and I really enjoyed studying English using English songs. I also gained knowledge of important science issues and realized how important creativity and technology are to the global community. Through this fantastic, awesome program, I was stimulated so much by the content and other students’ opinions that I became more interested in fields that I didn’t know about before.”


“I had two goals for this course: brushing up on my speaking skills and catching up with topics about technology. I think I achieved these goals. Thanks to the class, I had the opportunity to speak in English with student assistants, classmates and professors and my pronunciation has improved.“


“I’ve learned so many things: communication and critical thinking, skills to collect various information and digital skills to convert it into data, and public speaking. I am thinking of applying to UC Davis next year and hope to see you in person on campus.”

Ayaka Hirashima

“The program inspired me. I was always encouraged to speak up.” 

Eiko Amo

“Before the I-STEM program I thought I would never be an entrepreneur, but now I’ve realized a new choice for me to become an entrepreneur in the field of medicine. The program taught me that we shouldn’t limit our possibilities or interests.”