This class reminded me that it is very important to look at different cultures objectively. I love the instructor’s interesting and thought-provoking reading assignments, and I appreciate her comments on my homework.

Seung Kyu Jun

“Through this program we discovered critical thinking of global issues, developed English skills and recognized our passions. We learned so many things every day. We also built new relationships with teachers and UC Davis students.”

Reo Matsubara

“I really enjoyed the class discussions. I learned that I should be more active in my classes and speak up. I am more interested in problems around the world and enthusiastic about how we can change them. I was also inspired by the lectures and learned about possible careers.”

Yusuke Nomura

“I learned a lot about American culture and social issues affecting the U.S. and the world.”

Yuki Y.

“I learned the importance of active engagement, communicating with other people and the significance of pushing myself. Before participating in this program, I was so passive and didn’t say anything in my university classes, but now I am able to raise my hand and say something. This is one of the most invaluable experiences of my life.”

Manato Sato 

“Before this program, I didn’t know anything about politics or culture in the U.S., but through this class, I understand more and have become more interested in the U.S. and I’ve learned differences between Japan and the U.S. I have also improved my English. This experience has been an important step to learning English.”


I learned that most social issues are connected, like the Black Lives Matter movement and the voting system in the U.S. These connections can make social issues more difficult to solve. But there’s a possibility that social issues are connected to each of us and there are many things we can do to solve global issues.