Celebrating 43 years of Education and New Opportunities with Experiential-based Programs at UC Davis

May 19, 2020

Intensive English and Professional Programs have served the international community of students and teachers for 43 years.  In that time, thousands of eager learners have joined us from over 30 countries. We have continued to update our offerings to serve the needs of this evolving population. This has meant adding new shorter-term programs focused on areas beyond traditional English instruction, such as English for Global Business, English for Science and Technology, Academic Preparation for Grad School and Testing, and Pathway Programs. 

English Language Student visits emblematic U.S. ballparks

September 16, 2019

Baseball holds a meaningful place in American culture, and for International English Program student Sou Koguma, a true American experience meant that he would visit the country’s most emblematic baseball stadiums. Sou has walked through the historic entrance of Chicago’s Wrigley Field and cheered alongside New York’s Yankees fans at Yankee Stadium. Sou’s interest in baseball and ambition took him places he had always dreamed of seeing.