student on laptop in the UC Davis Arboretum
UC Davis student studies in the Arboretum (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Remote Programs Available for Summer

As you begin making plans for the months ahead, we encourage you to consider our Remote Learning Programs to help your students make the most of their summer, despite ongoing travel restrictions.

With remote programs, our valued partners and international students have the opportunity to connect with top-tier researchers and participate in academically rigorous courses. Students can continue their education and even get a slice of American life without leaving home. Our remote courses feature live class sessions, virtual interactions with instructors and classmates, and recordings that students can access on their own time. Choose from a variety of remote programs designed to help your students achieve their academic and professional goals, even over summer break.

Short-Term Content-Based Programs

These remote-instruction programs feature a specific topic of interest with a strong focus on building educational and professional skills that will increase academic and employment opportunities.

Interdisciplinary STEM Seminar

This intensive program offers international undergraduates a unique opportunity to prepare for a future in STEM, while improving their English-language abilities in the fields of science and technology. Students will also build professional skills, such as critical and analytical thinking, oral presentation and intercultural communication skills. Two summer sessions: July 2-30 and August 6-September 3

Global Awareness and Intercultural Communication Seminar

This intensive, comprehensive program gives students a unique opportunity to enhance their understanding of U.S. culture and society, while improving their English-language abilities. The program focuses on American culture, global societies and conversational fluency, and prepares students to be global citizens by introducing them to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Two summer sessions: July 2-30 and August 6-September 3

University Seminar

This academic preparation course provides international undergraduates with the skills to successfully complete university coursework in English. Featuring critical language skills, this comprehensive course includes a practical skills component that introduces students to key academic practices to excel in undergraduate studies and beyond. July 19-August 27

Youth Programs

These remote-instruction programs give international high school students an exciting opportunity to access UC Davis-quality programs without leaving home.

Global English Through SDGs

This innovative program helps high school students build foundational skills for becoming global citizens. Focusing on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the program is designed to enhance students’ cross-cultural understanding while improving their English-language skills. Two summer sessions: July 26-30 and August 9-13

Capstone SDGs Global Seminar

Designed for international high school students who are fluent in English, this intensive program allows students to improve their awareness of global issues and develop leadership skills. Through analysis of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, students discuss various cultural and social topics, participate in hands-on workshops led by the UC Davis Model United Nations team and have the opportunity to engage with high school students from the United States.  Two summer sessions: July 19-23 and August 2-6

Interdisciplinary STEM for Youth

This dynamic program gives students the opportunity to discuss current scientific and technological topics, discover potential majors and career paths, and develop English fluency. Students will learn about entrepreneurship and explore the significant roles that scientists and engineers play in the world of global business, while also developing key skills for success in college. July 26-August 6

Global English and American Culture

This program is an intensive and communicative learning experience designed to enhance students’ understanding of U.S. culture, while improving their English fluency. Students will build their English speaking and pronunciation skills through discussions and oral presentations, and gain awareness of higher education in the United States. August 2-13

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