Global Pathways for Academic and Professional Achievement

International and Access Programs has a renewed focus.

The global turmoil has stimulated our thinking and inspired our direction. We have spoken with partners, listened to learners, and revised our approach. We are delighted to present our new programmatic direction, which includes three major pillars of programming:

  • University Academic Partnerships In partnership with UC Davis academic units, these programs create access for non-matriculated international learners seeking research experiences, academic advancement, pathways, and specialized academic programming on the UC Davis campus.
  • Academic and Language Preparation Geared to non-matriculated youth, visiting students, and young adult learners intending to study in a U.S. based institution of higher education, our in-bound, on-site, and online programs and courses prepare learners in academic skill development, test preparation, and content-infused language preparation.
  • Professional Development Geared to professionals and graduate-level learners, these programs create access to the rich array of professional development programs in CPE for global learners seeking career transition, career advancement and specialized programs of study as part of their in-country educational experience.

With pathways and access as the centerpieces of our offerings for non-matriculated learners, we look forward to continuing the important international education work with our long-term university partners. We also welcome the opportunity to discover new regions and establish new partnerships and together prepare learners that have the skills and the mindset to transform the world.

We look forward to partnering with you in creating Global Pathways. For more information, contact