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International Programs – Housing

UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education’s International Housing office assists both individual students and groups with a variety of housing options, including homestay, apartments and residence halls (summers only). If you would like more information or assistance in finding housing, please contact us at +1 (530) 757-8988 or


With a homestay arrangement you will live with a local family and experience an American family lifestyle. There are many benefits to being placed with a homestay host family. The cultural experience is unmatched by any other residential placement and is an excellent way to expand your cultural and educational experience. Homestay housing arrangements are not one-size-fits all. You can choose to have your own room or you can share a room with another student. You can eat all or some of your meals with your host family. Or, you can choose to take care of all of your meals on your own. You choose the situation that best meets your needs.
Local homestay providers can be contacted directly at:

Authentic American Homestays
Contact: Nhut Chiem

​Davis Housing Services
Contact: James Doan

OvECS Ltd.
Contact: Jim Sickles

Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE)
Contact: Shannon Johnson

The University of California, Davis, UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education and the UC Davis International programs are not affiliated in any way with, and we are not endorsing, any homestay agencies listed above. The above details are provided for informational purposes only. Students may select any company of their choosing and must make their own evaluation when selecting housing.

Residence Halls (summer quarter only)
Residence halls or dormitories (conveniently located near the UC Davis campus) are often open to international students during the summer. Students share a room with one other student. Rooms come equipped with two beds, dressers and desks. Meals are provided in the campus dining halls, and access to the Activities and Recreation Center. Separate fee applies.

Renting a Room in a Private House or Apartment
Many Davis families and student groups rent out rooms in their own homes for approximately $450-$700 per month. Renting a room is an excellent opportunity to live with others who are not part of the International Programs. Students can make these arrangements on their own once they arrive in Davis. For a preview of what might be available, check the "Community Housing Listing," offered by the Associated Students of UC Davis at (click on "view our listings").

Community Housing Providers
Other housing options and resources in the Davis community are:

Community Housing

Davis Wiki

Housing for University Groups
If you are a university or organization that will be sending a group of students, International Housing is here to help you arrange housing for your group. We will work with you to find the housing that best fits the needs of your specific group. We can help you with a variety of housing arrangements including:

  • Homestay with a local host family
  • Apartments
  • Dormitories (summer only)

If you would like us to arrange housing for your group, please contact us at +1 (530) 757-8988 or, so we can begin making arrangements for your group.