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IEPP Student Reviews

"Studying at UC Davis Extension was an amazing experience that helped me decide what I want to do in life: work in international education. When I went back to France I continued studying English and obtained a bachelor's degree in English as a Second Language. Then I came back to the USA during my senior year of college where I met my husband. I am now a preschool lead teacher in Philadelphia. We are planning on moving back to France so I can go back to school for a master’s degree in ESL. My experience in Davis nourished my love for the English language and the American culture. I was lucky to have great teachers and friends during my year in Davis. I hope to go back there someday."

Claire Lutzel Krueger, France


I had the incredible experience to do my exchange and learn a new language in the Intensive English Program (IEPP) at UC Davis Extension. The program has everything that is required to improve your English: grammar-composition, vocabulary- reading, listening-speaking, and TOFEL preparation. I took classes with many people from other countries; they are my best friends and we are still in touch every time we can. I now work in my own electrical and lighting design company. We import many products from China, so I have to use my English to do international agreements with my suppliers. I am so proud to say that this is the best choice that I could have taken in my life.

Daniela Suarique, Colombia


When I moved to Davis in 2013 because of my husband’s job, I was scared, not only because of the move, but also because of my broken English (400 level). I needed to improve my English because the TOEFL was the principal requirement for getting my license as a physical therapist. The process was extremely difficult, but by enrolling at UC Davis Extension, it was easier. The adaptation to the new situation was smooth because I quickly got a bunch of new friends from literally all around the world. The teachers were AWESOME. They were very kind and warm people, people I still keep in touch with. I enjoyed every single minute there, and all the activities we had. Now, I’m working for two big hospitals in Dallas, and none of this would be possible if I had not attended UC Davis Extension.

Marcela Rojas, Chile


I had a really amazing experience at UC Davis Extension. I had the privilege of being taught by professional and caring teachers. After I finished the Extension courses, I started my master’s and then did my Ph.D. in Law at Penn State Law. Now, I have established my own law office in Riyadh. I also teach business law courses at universities in Riyadh.

Mulhim Hamad Almulhim, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The instructors are awesome. The class is not large, so the instructor can focus on every student. The instructors always challenge students to think critically and emphasize grammar mistakes made by international students. Studying here at IEPP helps me get more ready and more confident in English skills before I start to study a graduate program at UC Davis. The instructors provide a lot of useful materials.

IEPP Student, Bangkok, Thailand


I'm proud of studying at UC Davis Extension, which is the best place to learn English. In addition to the educational aspect, I gained a lot of skills and development like reviewing weekly reports in Weekly Activities Newspapers, doing volunteer work, and the most important is getting the Leadership Award. Most of this is thanks to the presence of the great instructors. After I returned to my country, the search for work became easy because I have a certificate of the English language. I was teaching English in a private school for one year, and now I work as a secretary. Finally, I'm grateful to my country which allowed me to have a scholarship. Now, I am thinking about going back to the U.S to complete a master's degree.

Walaa Alshammari, Saudi Arabia


I studied five levels at UC Davis Extension. After I finished the IEPP program, I got accepted at Arkansas State University. I started my master’s program in Chemistry in 2015, and I will graduate in summer 2017. I work in a research lab and worked as a teaching assistant, as well. Because of the IEPP program at UC Davis Extension, I have been well prepared. I want to say thank you to all of my teachers at UC Davis Extension.

Zakeyah Alsharif, Saudi Arabia


“The Intensive English program allows you to quickly learn the language. Davis is a great place not only for studying but also for international communication and sports. University hosts a variety of activities that make it possible to have fun and learn English in a fun atmosphere.”

Yevgeny Ilinykh, Intensive English Program, Novosibirsk, Russia

"I am having the best experience of my life. I made friends from many different countries, and have learned about their cultures and customs as well as about American life. As a psychologist, this has been very important to my professional development. I am grateful to the university, its teachers and staff."

Rosa Yoelma Rodriguez Serpa, Intensive English Program, Colfuturo, Colombia

“IEPP program was an amazing experience for me. During the program I made a lot of friends all over the world, traveled the U.S.A. and improved my English skills. So, you can be more fluent and comfortable in English by joining the IEPP, and at the same time you can have fun.”

Tarik Murat Islam, Intensive English Program, Istanbul, Turkey

“Last summer, I studied in Extension and that was the happiest and the best time I have ever experienced since I graduated from college in 2013. I learned new things, met new people and experienced a new life. My English has improved a lot. I also made many good friends and I still keep in touch with them until now, even though we are in different states or countries. I enjoyed everything and every moment when I was there. Now I am studying in UC Davis School of Law and I think the experience I had in Extension was really helpful for me to "survive" studying on campus.”

Ruoqi Du, Intensive English Program, LL.M. Candidate, Jinan, China


“UC Davis, one of the best colleges in UC system, has a lot of international students. The teachers and staffs are so helpful that you can learn a lot of things from them. People are nice and educated(you could totally understand what "educated" means when you come to Davis), there are a lot of good restaurants and cafes. I strongly recommended, and hope you'll also be there and have a nice experience.”

June Sung Park, Intensive English Program, Gwangju, South Korea

“Well, most importantly, at UC Davis I met a lot of close friends with whom I am still in contact even after several years passed. Now I feel myself very confident at communication with people from other cultures. Second, UC Davis IEPP program successfully prepared me for studying Master Degree program. At the end of 3 quarters I passed iBT TOEFL and was accepted for Master Degree program at New York University, which was my main goal!”

Symbat Irgebayev, Intensive English Program, Almaty, Kazakhstan

“When I was in Vietnam, I dreamed of studying in the United States. UC Davis Extension made my dream come true. After two quarters studying at UC Davis Extension, I feel that I become a new person. Instead of being afraid of communication in English before, now I can talk to anyone confidently by English. In addition, I have many friends who from different countries, and I’ve learned many things from them such as their country, culture, education and economy in Extension.”

Lien "Rain" Nguyen, Intensive English Program, Vietnam 

“I studied English at UC Davis Extension for a year and a half in preparation for my master’s degree at UC Davis, and it was the best experience I have ever had. I really think that the Extension Center was the primary reason for my success so far. Because the teachers and the staff were very helpful, and they were happy to answer all my questions and my concerns, inside the classrooms or outside the classrooms, anytime. I learned a lot and my research and writing skills improved a lot. I liked the City of Davis. It’s a quiet town. It’s calm. It’s safe. People are very friendly and educated. There are lots of fun things to do around Davis. You can go to San Francisco, to the Napa Valley. If you like snowing, you can go to Lake Tahoe, and if you like nature you can go to Oregon, or everywhere. The best thing about Davis is the location is in the middle of everywhere. Davis is amazing!”

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Alsaif – M.S., Intensive English Program student, UC Davis School of Engineering graduate

“I came to the United States, not with zero English, but my English was very low. The teachers were very helpful. You didn’t feel like you’re dealing with teachers. They are like one big family at the Extension. You can ask the teachers any time outside/inside the classes, anytime they will answer you. I enjoyed going to the Extension classes every day, because every day I learned something. Also, sometimes if you need something extra not just to do your homework, just if you wanted to improve yourself, you can ask them, they will answer you. The staff there was very helpful, too. If you have any questions, you just go there, go to the office and they will help you. Here in Davis, you can meet different people from different places in the world. During my study at Extension, I met many people - from South America, from Japan, from Korea - and we were like a very big family together.”

Abdulrhman (Riman) Alali – M.S., Intensive English student, UC Davis School of Engineering graduate

"I am having the best experience of my life. I made friends from many different countries, and have learned about their cultures and customs as well as about American life. As a psychologist, this has been very important to my professional development. I am grateful to the university, its teachers and staff."

Rosa Yoelma Rodriguez Serpa – Intensive English Program – Colfuturo, Colombia

"I came to the Intensive English Program because it was in California, and I heard that it was an excellent program. My composition classes are my favorite - I discovered that I really like to write. At first, I would just write very simply, but now I am learning to express a lot of my inner thoughts. The teachers are really supportive and help me develop my style. Davis is an easy place to live. I ride my bike around town, and I like to go to the Davis Farmers' Market on Saturdays, where there is usually music and lots of people to talk to."

Mami Akutsu – Japan

"UC Davis Extension changed my life in a great way. I enrolled to improve my English, but I also found an amazing group of people to help in everything, and a great friendship and study environment. I met my goals, which were to earn a good TOEFL score and to lose the fear of speaking English."

Carolina Valenzuela Espinoza – Intensive English Program – Chile