Improve Your English

Education to Achieve Your Goals

UC Davis’ Intensive English Program (IEP) offers dynamic, high-quality instruction to help students improve their English proficiency and achieve their educational, professional and personal goals. Our academic expertise, professional instructors and beautiful California campus make this an enriching, transformational educational experience. 

Program Benefits

This engaging and academically rigorous program builds language and critical-thinking skills that empower students to succeed in global, English-speaking environments. The educational and professional focus of the program provides long-term value that will increase academic and employment opportunities. 

  • Access to university workshops to prepare for your academic career
  • Dedicated advising to achieve your academic goals
  • Networking with students and faculty
  • Letters of reference
  • Recreational, cultural, volunteer and social activities with UC Davis student leaders offered weekly

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Program Details

This 10-week program, held in our new state-of-the-art International Center, is offered year-round and includes a total of 200 hours of instruction. Students are grouped based on their level of proficiency to ensure the best possible learning experience.

  • Eight levels—from beginning to advanced
  • 20 hours of instruction per week
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Technology-driven classrooms, including a multimedia learning center
  • Small classes (approximately 12-18 students)
  • Free paper-based TOEFL test at the end of each quarter
  • Optional weekend trips may include Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • 20-and 30-week programs are also available

Many students stay up to a year while mastering the English-language and enjoying a comprehensive U.S. cultural experience. Students who plan to attend graduate school in the United States or work in an American setting often spend at least one quarter improving their English skills.

Rigorous, Engaging Curriculum

Core classes, including Grammar, Composition, Listening and Speaking and Critical Thinking, are designed to rapidly build English proficiency. For students at 600-level and above, elective classes are tailored to their professional and personal interests:

  • TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS Test Preparation offered on a rotating basis
  • Volunteer Experiences and Service Learning
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Business Communication classes
  • Film Studies
  • University Seminar
  • And many more

IEP alumni outside International Center

Placement by English Language Ability

Intensive English Program students are placed in one of eight proficiency levels based on a written and oral evaluation. Basic- and intermediate-level students focus on core grammar, listening and speaking skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary and composition courses in addition to a learning resource component for more extensive skills practice. High intermediate students can choose from elective courses, such as Intermediate Communication Skills, American Slang and Idioms, Drama, Pronunciation, U.S. Culture and Society, and Intermediate TOEFL Preparation. More advanced English-speaking students choose from among various core classes and electives, such as Advanced Reading, Advanced Media Discussion, Public Speaking, Current Business Trends, Advanced Writing and TOEFL Preparation. Some students choose to take courses for credit on the UC Davis campus or at UC Davis’ Division of Continuing and Professional Education.

Partial-Term Enrollment

Students can attend the first part of any 10-week session as long as they give advance notice to the IEPP office. They must attend a minimum of four weeks of the 10-week session.

Participants must have a high-school diploma or be at least 18 years old to enroll in this program.