Learn from the World's Leading Agricultural University: Lessons from the United States

This program allows established and experienced farmers to explore the world-renowned agricultural scholarship and facilities offered at UC Davis and throughout the region.

Program Overview

The approximately two-week program provides customized, practical experiences in the latest research and techniques needed for modern and productive farming. Participants explore aspects in the various fields of crop specialization, and topics addressed include productivity and efficiency, agribusiness and farm management, sustainability and organic farming. The program consists of site visits to state-of-the-art working farms, laboratories and research facilities on the UC Davis campus and in the surrounding Central Valley. A series of lectures accompanies and supports the site visits.  A list of sites that participants may visit during the program include:

  • Agricultural Sustainability Institute
  • Agricultural Experiment Station
  • California Institute for Food and Agricultural Research
  • California Crop Improvement Association
  • Robert Mondavi Institute for Food and Wine Science
  • UC Davis Olive Center
  • Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center
  • Foods for Health Institute
  • Plant Breeding Center
  • Seed Biotechnology Center
  • Postharvest Technology Center
  • Honey and Pollination Center
  • California Center for Urban Horticulture
  • Western Institute for Food Safety and Security
  • World Food Center
  • Weifang Sino-US Food and Agriculture Innovation Center
  • Global Tea Initiative

This program also allows participants to explore and experience culture in the United States. With visits to San Francisco and Sacramento, the state capital, they’ll examine the roles these cities played in the development of the West, while also studying their current positions as financial, cultural and tourist centers. A third trip tours the nearby Napa Valley, world-renowned for wine and olive production.