Plant Plague

Program at a Glance
3 weeks

Play the role of a plant pathologist recently hired by the Lawrence County Farming Agency, working to identify a mysterious fungus in the county’s wheat fields and recommend an action plan for local farmers to deal with the fungus. Then continue on in the rotation as a plant pathologist, this time working for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, specifically serving on the Ug99 taskforce. Ug99 is a wheat rust which poses a major threat to the world’s food supply. You will be asked to evaluate several proposals that have been submitted to the taskforce, carefully analyzing each one and ultimately recommending one for funding.

In this unique online course, you will learn about the role of plant pathologists—scientists specializing in the study of plant diseases—and how they work to promote plant health by studying plants and plant pathogens. You will explore how they work to understand the causes of plant disease and how those diseases affect the quality and growth of the plant and ultimately, how those diseases can be overcome.

The course will run from 4:00-6:00PM PT Monday through Friday.

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