Nutrition Advisor

Program at a Glance
3 weeks

Nutrition advisors offer different ways to practice making healthier choices when it comes to nutrition. Acting in the role of a dietitian at a fictional health clinic, you will review client cases and make recommendations about ways to help these clients make healthier choices through diet and exercise. You will also take some time to reflect on your own nutritional health.

In this learn-by-doing course where you analyze the roles of key nutrients in a healthy diet and look at your own nutritional habits, you will be able to make sound decisions about how much and what kinds of food your body needs and the level of exercise that will help keep you healthy without overdoing it.

Along with evaluating your specific needs, you will be able to identify potential risks to look out for based on various factors like your height and weight, caloric intake and level of physical activity. You will also be able to assess the role that family, friends and other outside influences have on your diet and exercise habits, which will in turn help you make conscious choices about your own nutritional well-being.

The course will run from 1:00-3:00PM PT Monday through Friday.

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