Introduction to Data Analytics: Sentiment Analysis

Program at a Glance
2 Weeks

In the second course of this two-part immersive program, you will dive into sentiment analysis to glean insights from textual data, further becoming a more sophisticated consumer of analytics and more knowledgeable in your interactions with professional data scientists.

You’ll learn to use natural-language processing techniques to extract insights from unstructured text. Specifically, you will explore the sentiment expressed in tweets about the U.S. government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic on Twitter using the Twitter API. You’ll learn to analyze the sentiment expressed within a text document, how to harvest data from the Twitter stream and how to analyze the sentiment(s) expressed by a collection of tweets.

The course will run from 4:00-6:00PM PT Monday through Friday for two weeks.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Data Analytics: Machine Learning

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