Internal Medicine

Program at a Glance
3 weeks

Explore what a career in medicine is like with this immersive, simulation-based course. Play the role of a general medical resident working at Lincoln Regional Medical Center under the supervision of a physician. Test your knowledge of human physiology, anatomy and ethics, as well as your skills in problem solving, research, writing, debate and presentation. Your number one priority is to work with your patient. Your patient has come to the walk-in clinic complaining of acute symptoms. Your job is to diagnose, treat and cure the patient’s illness. Your overall mission will be to get your patient healthy again.

Another part of your responsibilities will be to serve on the hospital’s ethics committee. The committee chair will check in with you periodically to ask for your input on some sticky ethical dilemmas. On each issue, you will have to establish a position and defend it to the rest of the committee.

You will meet as a large group over Zoom and work in team breakout rooms every day. A mentor will always be available to provide help, advice and feedback on your work; the mentor will also facilitate regular group discussions. On some days, outside individual work will be needed.

The course will run from 4:00-6:00PM PT Monday through Friday.

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