Idea Workshop: Exploring Entrepreneurship

Program at a Glance
2 Weeks

Idea Workshop: Exploring Entrepreneurship

Does a career in entrepreneurship sound appealing to you? Explore what it’s like to be an entrepreneur beginning a new venture in this unique course. Working in small teams, you will go through the process of envisioning an exciting product or service and an accompanying business model for taking it to market twice during the course -- the first time in a problem area we suggest and the second time in an area chosen by your student team. Develop the skills of working in teams, principled brainstorming, defining a product or service, formulating a business model and pitching your ideas to others. Knowledgeable mentors will be available to support you throughout the process. The course will run from 4:00-6:00PM PT Monday through Thursday with additional independent work on Friday or during the weekend.

On the first day, the instructor will give you a tour of the course site and walk you through how to use it. You will work in a combination of full cohort discussions and breakout team rooms. This is not a lecture-based course. Instead, you will be immersed on day one in a realistic situation and will learn by doing as you work individually and as a team. Learning resources and detailed guidance are available on the course website.

Each week of the course will be organized as follows:

  • Monday: Brainstorm a product idea (2 hours)
  • Tuesday: Formulate a business model (2 hours)
  • Wednesday: Create a pitch for your product (2 hours)
  • Thursday: Present your pitch and debrief (2 hours)
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