A Modular Approach to Program Design

Each of the Destination Davis Tracks utilizes a modular approach to program design, allowing partners to build programs that address the specific needs of students.

The Core Academic Preparation Series emphasizes academic skill building and language development. These serve as the program’s foundational building blocks and provide practical skills that are applied in classroom and real-life situations. Partners then choose classes from the Elective Series to complete a well-rounded program design.

Core Academic Preparation Series

  • Academic Literacy Series
  • The Academic Literacy Series is a set collection of classes designed to improve receptive language skills at the university level. Students engage with a selection of university-level readings and lectures and learn to respond to these passages in ways that meet the expectations of university coursework.  
  • Academic Research Series
  • The Academic Research Series is a set collection of classes designed to improve productive language skills at the university level by applying a research approach to class content and themes. At all levels, students will engage in a research process and report findings and conclusions in both written and oral forms.

Elective Series

  • Academic Success Series
  • Through these classes, students will engage in experiential learning. Students are expected to observe regular undergraduate classes (both in person and online) as part of assignments/tasks, submit reports of the experience and engage in given assignments.
  • Academic Reasoning Series
  • This series of classes will help students further develop critical thinking skills and explore issues that involve questioning value systems based on history, cultural beliefs and norms.
  • Math Preparation Series
  • This series is a collection of classes that allows students to take post-secondary equivalent math classes at the appropriate level based on a student’s math proficiency. Classes throughout the series may include: College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics.
  • Natural Science Series
  • This series is a collection of classes that allows students to take post-secondary equivalent natural science classes at the appropriate level. Classes throughout this series may include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Ecology.
  • Experiential Learning Series
  • The classes in the Experiential Learning Series employ a hands-on, highly contextualized approach using the experiential learning cycle. Students engage in out-of-classroom learning experiences and are guided through a series of activities that encourage reflection, critical thinking and action. Learn more about our unique Experiential Learning Cycle.
  • Test Preparation Series
  • The classes in this series are designed to help students prepare for commonly used English proficiency and academic aptitude tests such as: iBT TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, SAT and ACT, GRE and GMAT.
  • UC Davis Classes
  • Destination Davis programs may include opportunities for qualified students to petition for and enroll in UC Davis classes through the Open Campus program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. Enrollment and class availability are determined under specific program agreement guidelines. Learn more